Our Business Philosphy:

Our business philosphy goes much deeper than just carpet, rug and tile/tile-grout cleaning. We firmly believe that customers are paying for RESULTS - NOT EFFORTS!


We also firmly believe that service and quality still matter in doing business. We also firmly believe that cleaning carpets, rugs and tile is far more than just making them look and feel good, carpets play a very important role in the indoor environment and the INDOOR AIR QUALITY and that the proper way to clean carpets or rugs is to think of carpeting and rugs as indoor "filters" and to properly clean these "filters" by using a system that not only removes soil, dirt & spots, but actually removes biological & microbial contaminents such as: Dust Mites, Dust Mite Allergens, Mold & Mold Spores, Mildew & Mildew Spores & Pet Allergens and to dramatically reduce Bacteria, as well. PLEASE SEE OUR "USEFUL DOCUMENTS & DOWNLOADS" PAGE FOR AUTHORITATIVE SOURCES.


Our system of choice has a proven track record and EPA registered biological removal certifications. Unlike our competitors, our cleaning system actually improves INDOOR AIR QUALITY! ALL of our cleaning materials are environmentally friendly and we never leave sticky detergent or chemical residues in carpets or rugs. Our system will not cause or support biological, microbial or bacterial growth. 


Our system does not use uncontrolled wetness or high concentrations of detergents to clean, so there are never any residues to cause resoiling and spots do not come back and unlike other cleaning systems, our cleaning system does not cause  any damage to carpets such as; Seam-Splits, Color-Loss, Backing Delamination, Browning, Yellowing or shrinkage.


We also believe that no one will take as good care of a customer than the business owner, so, we do our own cleaning and we never use temp or part time employees. When you call us, you're talking to the owner! We never use add-on, extra cost items  such as; Soil Repellents, Deodorizers, Brightners, etc. Since most carpet manufacturers do not approve or recommend the use of these products, with our dry carpet & rug cleaning system, these products are simply not needed.