What You Can Do To Prolong The life Of Your Carpets & Rugs!

  1. Since sand, dirt and grit causes the majority of wear to carpet & rug fibers, it is essential to regularly remove these substances by proper vacuuming! Sand, dirt & grit cut and abrade the fibers and removing these substances from your carpets & rugs, next to regular professional carpet & rug care, is the single most important action that can be taken  by a homeowner to prolong the life and appearence of carpets & rugs. Of course, carpets & rugs should receive professional care to prolong life and to protect the investment that has been made.
  2. Despite what you may have heard or seen advertised, NEVER pour or spray anything into a carpet or rug. Instead, ALWAYS BLOT - DO NOT RUB a spot and often, just a slightly water-moistened white towel will remove a spot. If you pour or spray a cleaner into your carpet or rug, you are driving the spot substance further into the carpet or rug components and in effect, you have lost control of the substance that has caused the spot.  If your carpet is made of a natural fiber, such as; Wool, Silk, Sisal, Woven Sea-Grass, then call a professional with the proper expertise, experience and cleaning materials to clean these types of of fibers.
  3. A good vacuum cleaner is an investment that will pay for itself, many times over. A poor quality vacuum is of little value as there is not sufficent power or air-movement in low-end vacuum cleaners to pull dirt out of the deep layers of the carpet.
  4. Make it a point to get your vacuum cleaner "tuned-up" regularly! Replace worn brushes or beater bars, filters, belts and always replace a vacuum cleaner bag (if so equipped) when it reaches 75% of it's capacity. Remember, a vacuum cleaner removes dirt by aggitation (The action of the brush or beater bar) and the movement of air. Another job that a vacuum cleaner performs is the grooming of a carpet or rug. Grooming helps the carpet or rug wear evenly.
  5. Give the vacuum cleaner a chance to do it's job by vacumming in four different directions (North To South, East To West) at a slow pace, Vacuuming too quickly translates into otherwise removeable sand, grit and soil still remaining in a carpet or rug even after it has been vacuumed.
  6. As for spots, never leave spots unattended. Some spots will interact with carpet dyes in some color spectrums and may result in a permanent, non-removeable stain. If in doubt, call a professional carpet cleaner, as soon as possible.
  7. If you have odors in your carpet, it is not recommended to use household products (baking soda, etc.) in an attempt to remove these odors. A professional carpet & rug cleaner has materials that can often successfully & safely remove odors, if the odor causing substance has not been left unattended for prolonged period of time.
  8. Last, but not least, we are always happy to provide maintenance or spot removing tips. Simply give us a call or drop us an email and we'll respond in a jiffy!