We provide Quality Dry Carpet, Rug, Tile & Tile Grout Cleaning In The Central Florida Area Including: Orange, Seminole, Osceola, North & Central Brevard & Volusia County Areas. We provide cleaning of fine carpets, area rugs such as Wool, Sisal, Woven Sea Grass, Silk, Wool/Silk Blends. Our cleaning system cleans fine carpets and rugs without any damage and is recommended by more rug and carpet manufacturers, world-wide than any other cleaning system!

Our Humble Beginnings: 


DRI-BRITE started as we searched for a cleaning system that was far superior from those offered by other companies. We grew tired of wet carpets and musty wet odors that resulted from other carpet cleaning companies as well as their poor quality and cleaning results. We wanted a carpet cleaning system that coupled the art of quality cleaning with the science of a healthy indoor environment!


We noticed that in most cases, our carpets looked as bad, if not worse, within weeks of cleaning with spots returning and carpets looking dull and feeling sticky due to detergent residues left in our carpets. We also had to contend with damp carpets for days after cleaning along with the need to run our air-conditioning system, well above it's capacity, in an attempt to dry our carpets. Our thoughts were; there must be a better, healthier way to clean our carpets!


So, we searched the world over and found one cleaning system that provided results far superior to the cleaning results that we had experienced from other cleaning companies. Our chosen system was also recommended by more carpet & rug manufacturers, world-wide, than any cleaning system. So, as we used our system in our own home and then as our friends noticed the marked difference and wanted their carpets cleaned, using our system, DRI-BRITE was born in 1996.

We are an operator-owned business, we do our own work, we never use temp or part time personnel. Our business is built on the often forgotten notion of taking our time, doing it right - the first time and treating each client as our only client and offering quality workmanship & results really does matter in business! Unlike our competitors, we don't rush through a job to get to the next job. It is also our strong opinion that an educated consumer is a good thing and that our CUSTOMER EDUCATION should be based on proven and sound fact - not hype (SEE OUR USEFUL DOCUMENTS & DOWNLOADS PAGE FOR AUTHORITATIVE SOURCES)  We also clean carpets & rugs that other carpet cleaners can't or won't clean, such as; Sisal, Silk & Silk/Wool Blends, Woven Sea Grass, Wool carpeting, Wool Oriental rugs & Cotton Rag rugs and we do it on-site and without damaging these carpets or rugs. We are certified cleaners for both Masland & Fabrica and we have the expertise and experience to clean custom made rugs safely - without damage! Simply put, our business is built on service, quality and results. We subscribe to the age old adage: "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."


 We provide quality dry carpet & rug cleaning. We also provide quality dry grouted floor tile cleaning. We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about us, our business philosphy and the advantanges & benefits of our cleaning system. We also invite you to call or email us with any particular questions or comments.